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|[[Image:230px-Figure2_JPCM-2007.jpg|thumb|230px|right|Wannier functions for fcc-Copper.|link=Special:FilePath/230px-Figure2_JPCM-2007.jpg]]
|[[Image:230px-Figure2_JPCM-2007.jpg|thumb|230px|right| Phys. Rev. Lett. '''105''', 106601 (2010) .|link=Special:FilePath/230px-Figure2_JPCM-2007.jpg]]

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This page contains MaX-related utilities and links, including teaching and training material for electronic structure and condensed matter problems and tutorials about MaX flagship codes.

This collection is by no means complete, and represents just another virtual space to share information and training material.

About MaX


Specific Training Material

  • LabCQM Laboratory on Computational Quantum Mechanics
  • Misc

File:230px-Figure2 JPCM-2007.jpg
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 106601 (2010) .